Thanachart Bank

Safety Systems

Security protection at Thanachart Bank

IDS : Intrusion Detection System
This computerized system checks and detects those who want to log in the system without authorization. Thanachart Bank uses a cutting-edge system with maximum effectiveness that is constantly updated.

Firewall System
This leading edge computerized system allows only those with authorization or those approved by the bank to pass through Fire Wall and access the information. Thanachart Bank uses more than 2 layers of Firewall Protection to ensure that your personal financial information is best kept and protected.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL 128-bits)
This layer requires user to enter specific code through Browser to prevent information detection while sending information via internet. Thus, detector will not be able to understand the information. Thanachart Bank uses password entering with maximum safety at 128-bits which is the highest security protection standard equipped by leading financial institutions worldwide.

Data Encryption
Thanachart Bank places great emphasis on strict security standards to safeguard customers' information. Once entered, password will be kept in the computer using complicated procedures to prevent hackers gaining access to information.

Virus Scan
Apart from causing severe damage to the information stored in the computer, a computer virus can spread its irremediable effects to other computers. At Thanachart Bank, every computer providing financial services to our customers is installed with the latest virus scan programme along with constant updates concerning new viruses.

Browser Control
This function controls and prevents Browsers from enabling on screen in the Secure Mode.

Cookies are bits of your information while visiting one website. Web servers usually store cookies in the computer to enable them to remember some specific information and the website will be able to identify you upon your next visit. Realising the importance of safeguarding personal financial information, Thanachart Bank attempts to avoid using this programme unless there are necessary circumstances which require careful consideration in terms of safety and privacy of customers.

Auto Logout
It is recommended that customers log out after using Thanachart i-Net. Nevertheless, the system will automatically log out within the appropriate period of time if the customer forgets to log out in order to ensure safety of the customers.

Constant checking by Thanachart officers

Safeguading personal information of Thanachart customers

Using Thanachart i-Net on a public computer
The bank strongly recommends customers not to use Thanachart i-NET at shared public computer locations such as internet cafes, computers in the library or office using LAN to access internet system. Hackers can install some programme that can detect and make use of your important information.

User ID and Password
The User ID and Password you are using in Thanachart i-Net is your personal information and Thanachart strongly advises you

  • Not to reveal your password to others
  • Avoid keeping your password in a place where it can easily be found
  • Do not download unnecessary internet programmes
  • Download Freeware programmes from trusted websites.
  • For those not using LAN system, simply cancel File and Printer sharing
  • If you receive mail from strangers, do not open the mail and delete it instantly.
  • Be careful when opening an attached file with .exe, .doc and .xls.
  • Install Virus Scan programme and constantly update the latest version as well as operate virus scan every time before opening files sent online.
  • Installation of Personal Fire Wall is recommended to prevent information hacking.
  • Follow up IT news from time to time and heed new suggestions about passwords.
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