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Vision and Mission
Our vision is to be a business group that gives fully integrated financial services that cater to all customers’ needs with emphasis placed on creating the highest quality products and services possible and with support by all member companies of the group.

Develop financial products and services to each line of its business so that it is possible to compete efficiently in the market and develop innovations in financial products that integrate different financial services offered by various companies of Thanachart Group, aimed at catering to customers’ needs and providing them with the highest satisfaction possible, both in terms of quality and ethical standards of service.

Show respect for fair and transparent competition and not compete by maligning its competitors in any way. Engage in constructive competition and avoid making enemies of its competitors.

Trading Partners and Business Alliance
Develop good relationships with trading partners and business alliance, harmonize interests and operate business with each party receiving a fair share of benefits gained, treating each other with honor and avoid taking advantage of each other, with the aim of enhancing confidence in collaboration and in long-term business relationships.

Creatively transform all member companies of the Group into learning organizations, with the aim of improving the quality of staff at all levels in a continuous manner. Enhance professionalism in giving services, with focus given to improvement of skills, knowledge, expertise as well as ethical standards in carrying out one’s duties. Make sure that employees avoid any action that leads to conflicts of interest with customers or the company. Look after and retain good and quality employees so that they stay with the company for the long term.

Pay great attention to the shareholders’ interests, both in the form of business performance and management of all types of risks, both in the short term and the long term. Strictly adhere to good corporate governance principles in a continuous manner.

Have a company belief in being a good corporate citizen. Pay respect and adhere strictly to the rules and regulations of the authorities concerned and to the various laws governing the company’s business. Give cooperation to the state in supporting the country’s economic growth and give cooperation in supporting and developing society.
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