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  1. Key Policy
In line with the services provided through other channels, Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited always places strong emphasis on maintaining the high quality of its services, aiming at gaining the customers’ confidence in using them. We fully recognize the importance of keeping and protecting your personal information. Unless we receive your prior consent, your personal information will not be used for other purposes than for the businesses of the bank and members of the Thanachart Group, which are intended for your benefits. In using your personal information, the Thanachart Group will use it only for the purpose of improving its services for you. The bank will not sell or exchange your personal information with any third party. In gaining the confidence of the customers on its privacy policy, the bank has put great efforts in considering in detail and selecting technologies of high standards. Importantly, the bank has established rigorous work procedures related to the use of the private information, aiming at protecting the leakage of the information. Moreover, only the bank’s authorized personnel are allowed to gain access to the information.

2. Storage of Private Information
It is necessary for our website to obtain personal information of customers who are interested in using the bank’s financial products or services such as loans and deposit accounts. The information received will be analyzed. The bank may have to get back to the customers for additional information. Each financial product will require different levels of information from the customers. The information requested from visitors to our website includes the following:
  • First name and last name/name of the corporate customers
  • E-mail address
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Other information, depending on the type of product or service
The above information will be stored and analyzed, particularly in the case of customers who are interested in using the bank’s loan products.

    Use of Services through the Website
  • The bank will monitor your use of the bank’s online services, such as frequency of use and the type of product or service in which you are interested, as well as the history of your visits to the bank’s website.
  • When the registered users and the customers who have accounts with the bank visit the bank’s website for services, they will be required to enter their login name and password which is a personal secret word. The objective is to ensure the privacy and security of the users and the customers.
3. How does the bank use the information?
  • The bank will use the private information which the users of the bank’s service give when they fill in the application form, for appraising and analyzing their qualifications for opening new accounts. The users give their consent for the bank to disclose their information and details partly or wholly to a credit bureau or other similar authorized information reporting agencies which the bank deems appropriate. As well, the users give their consent for such credit bureau or agencies to disclose their information and details to financial institutions or members of the credit bureau or agencies. The consent is effective and obligatory even after the users have stopped using the service.
  • In order to make its range of products and services more integrated, the bank may anlayze the information for the purpose of offering you financial products or services other than the one you are using.
4. In case you want to contact us at the website
If you have any doubt that your information is inaccurate, you can contact us via our contact form or call 1770
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