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General Security Practices
published : 10/07/2012

You play a role in protecting the security of your personal information. Here are some other best practices that can help you keep your information secure.


  • Stay informed and follows any new security practices that may emerge over time.
  • Protect your PIN and Passwords: (online, phone, ABM, direct payment, mobile).
  • Memorize your PIN (Personal Identification Number) and Internet Banking passwords. Choose PIN/passwords that cannot be guessed by others and do not write them down.
  • Do not give out personal information on the phone, through the mail or over the Internet unless you have initiated the contact or know with whom you are dealing.
  • Destroy old and expired bank and credit cards.
  • Destroy carbons and receipts that may contain account numbers and/or signatures.
  • Sign the back of any new cards (both credit and debit cards) as soon as you get them as well as activate new credit cards immediately if the feature is offered.
  • If you use your VISA card online, register for Verified by VISA, a free service that provides an extra layer of protection and guards against unauthorized use online.
  • Educate your children about sharing personal information.


  • Don't respond to unsolicited emails that request personal information such as your banking card number, ATM PIN, online/telephone banking passwords, credit card numbers etc.
  • Don't email confidential information such as account numbers, date of birth, etc.
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